Home Instead

Home Instead shines bright over the heatwave

28 Oct 2022

Over the years we’ve been delighted to put Home Instead into the spotlight for them to share valuable knowledge on issues affecting the elderly, such as dementia and frailty. Using their years of experience as a home care company, they have shown how we can support the challenges that our older loved ones can face. When we had a spell of hot weather, we were keen to provide Home Instead’s insight, which led to some credible media coverage.


Summer 2022 saw record breaking temperatures. Not everyone found it a cause for celebration though. Older people struggle to adjust to sudden temperature changes, putting them at risk of dehydration and heat exhaustion. We used Home Instead’s position as market leaders in the home care sector to demonstrate how, with a few simple measures, older people can stay safe while it’s hot.


Pitching to the media, we sparked the interest of various broadcast media who were keen to hear what Home Instead had to offer. They filmed care professionals taking steps to ensure that their clients stay safe, and some gave an interview to camera explaining why we should all take extra care of our older loved ones in sizzling temperatures. Some clients gave an interview too where they discussed how they were finding the heatwave, and we loved hearing them throw in some humour; one lady expressed her disappointment that she was urged to drink lots of water and not Baileys!


Having generated eight pieces of broadcast coverage – three national and five regional – we were delighted to see Home Instead’s advice go far and wide. Often elderly people are overlooked, but thanks to our tenacious media pitching, we showed that there’s a portion of the population that should be considered when temperatures rise.


We love newsjacking at Calvin Marketing. And it’s even more worthwhile knowing that in doing so you’re helping people in challenging times.