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Is LinkedIn undergoing an identity shift?

29 Mar 2023

In the early days of LinkedIn, it was the go-to platform for finding jobs, networking and sharing career achievements with a professional tone throughout creators’ posts. Whilst it still is, a lot has changed with its recent shift in tone of voice.

Over recent years we have seen the platform progress into a somewhat corporate Facebook with users opting for a more authentic tone.

While this shift has opened up new opportunities for LinkedIn to appeal to younger generations, such as Millennials, Gen Z, and soon-to-be Gen Alpha, it also raises concerns about the fine line between oversharing and maintaining professionalism on the platform.

There is no doubt that LinkedIn is evolving, and we will continue to witness LinkedIn undergo its identity shift with the likes of Gen Z and future generations populating the platform.

This being said, LinkedIn is predominantly a space for learning to expand skill sets and knowledge with its highly regarded ‘LinkedIn learning’ and networking capabilities.

We believe that LinkedIn will always remain a space for learning and networking, and we anticipate that it will retain its professional side.

As the platform evolves, it will be interesting to see how its users adapt.