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Our 5 favourite LinkedIn features from 2022

12 Jan 2023

LinkedIn is constantly updating and trying to evolve to be the go-to platform for recruiters and job seekers. In 2022 they announced a range of new features to try some of which are still being rolled out. This will help its members reach a wider network and we predict there is a whole host of new features to be released in 2023.

LinkedIn is introducing a new platform feature where users can schedule their own posts. There isn’t currently a way to edit a scheduled post, so make sure you’re happy with your post before scheduling.

LinkedIn is also offering several new features on its brand pages to help increase engagement. With colourful post templates and stickers to give links more visual appeal and drive clickthrough.

There’s also the ability for page administrators to pin comments underneath posts which are designed to spark more focused engagement and to highlight top fans.

Maybe not strictly new but much underused is LinkedIn’s video cover story option which enables users to add an introductory video that people can view when they visit their LinkedIn listing.

With this feature LinkedIn is looking to help users share more about themselves in a personal way, as well as helping businesses maximise their presence on the platform.

Have you tried out the ‘Creator Mode’ for LinkedIn profiles?

When the new ‘Creator Mode’ option is switched on, users will be able to add a selection of hashtags to indicate what topics they post about most on the platform, which will help LinkedIn showcase them to audiences who are most interested in those topics.

Creator Mode will also move your ‘Featured’ and ‘Activity’ sections to the top of your Profile to more prominently display the content you post, while your ‘Connect’ button will update to ‘Follow’ instead, in order to help users build an audience in the app.

New creator analytics will help LinkedIn users better understand their audience with added tools to help track follower growth, see demographics and even see a breakdown of your follower base by job titles, location, industries, seniority, company size, and company name.

These are our top features of 2022 for LinkedIn. We are excited to see the changes and developments that LinkedIn will make during 2023.