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Rival to Twitter: A Social Media Executive’s perspective

28 Jul 2023

Threads is the new ‘it’ social media platform. Similar to Twitter, Threads is known for voicing opinions and sharing your personality with the world.

One downside to the app is that it only allows you to deactivate your account, however deletion will require you to delete your Instagram account.

Corporations have taken to the new space, and Aldi has jumped at the opportunity of another outlet to share their hilarious responses and interact with other brands with their highly popular, witty and sometimes outrageous comments.

Now Threads has been around a few weeks, our social media executive, Meredith has had the chance to spend time on the new platform and discover whether our clients will benefit from starting an account.

Currently, there is no ‘discovery page’ or ‘trending topics’ on Threads, which are highly used explore pages on Instagram and Twitter. The only way to find new content on Threads currently is by scrolling through your singular feed.

Unlike Twitter, Threads currently lacks a search feature for content; it only allows searching for people.

Based on Meredith’s findings, she has observed that the platform is still in the process of evolving, and there is additional work required before Threads can completely rival Twitter.

Nevertheless, considering its current popularity and relevance, seizing the opportunity to engage with Threads now is a strategic move worth considering.