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Top Facebook and Twitter features introduced in 2022

18 Jan 2023

In the world of social media, things move fast, there is always something new on the horizon, from features such as instant messaging, photography and video. We’ve collated the latest updates from Facebook and Twitter to help you keep up to date with the best ways to engage with your followers.


Reels usage is on the rise and Meta is adding yet another way to get users to share Reels on Facebook by adding a heap of tools and processes designed to both highlight short video clips in feeds and help users create simple short-form video content.

There is now a new dedicated space for Groups in the sidebar of the App, and more options for smaller discussions within Groups.

Originally launched last year to verified public figures, creators, and selected groups, now all Groups can create specific ‘Audio Rooms’. In essence it’s an audio chat with a large group of people, where you can chat about specific topics and news.


Since Elon Musk bought Twitter in October, the social interactive site has been making some changes and it seems not all of them are popular with loyal users of the platform!

Integrity of users is a big thing for Twitter, and you may have noticed blue, gold and grey ticks appearing next to profiles.

In a bid to crack down on fake accounts, Twitter has introduced this new verification system – business profiles will be verified with a gold tick.

Twitter Blue users with a blue tick. Twitter Blue is a subscription service and those in the US are now able to edit tweets up to five times and for 30 minutes after the tweet is first posted. This is a paid for service but if successful could be rolled out across Twitter for all.

Original verified accounts will now get an ‘Official’ badge with a grey tick to tell them apart and instil trust in your interactions.

Tweets have recently been increased to 280 characters, but Elon announced plans to increase the number of characters to 4000 giving a huge scope to communications.

You can now add live recordings to your Tweets; however, this feature is only available in the App.

Brand profile avatars are now square in shape to better highlight them in-stream, with personal profiles remaining as circles. Businesses should check and update their settings for the new format.

Twitter created ‘Spaces’ as a Community audio space, similar to Facebook Live Audio, Clubhouse, and Discord Stage Channels, where you can talk with hundreds of other people on topics and important news.

Twitter has launched a new part of the platform to a select group of writers, called Notes. Notes will provide a space for writing long-form content which can then be shared in Twitter.

While not technically a new feature, it’s worth knowing that Twitter is planning to delete up to 1.5 billion dormant accounts, freeing up inaccessible @ handles. So, if you’ve got your eye on a suitable handle, keep checking for its availability.


With so many changes and new features it can be hard to keep up to date with the ever-changing technology. Keeping on top of the continuous changes can help marketers to keep their growing their clients’ platforms.