AI Age-Tech Smart Lamp Launch

Exploring new technologies in the care sector is a subject of great interest to the team at Calvin.

We’ve certainly been able to do this, entering the world of AI with our client, Nobi, a European provider of innovative technologies.

Recognising our expertise in the care sector and understanding of the potential for tech to help support care delivery, Nobi appointed Calvin to launch its namesake product – an AI powered smart lamp that detects and prevents falls in older adults.

If a care resident falls, the Nobi lamp detects this immediately and speaks to the resident, asking if they are okay. In the event of no response or a call for help, the intelligent lamp is pre-programmed to send a message – to either caregivers or family members.

One of the ways the Nobi lamps are preventing falls is by illuminating the room when a residents sits up in bed or gets out of bed. For frequent fallers alerts can be set, allowing caregivers time to get to the resident’s room to assist, before the opportunity for a fall occurs.

Utilising our media contacts, we planned and executed the launch of Nobi across UK and Irish press with coverage achieved across a range of national, care and tech media including: BBC, iNews, EU Business News, AT Today, UK Authority and Care Markets.



What we did
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