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Has TikTok taken over our lives?

Team Calvin
19 Jan 2022

We live in a society where the internet and social media rule above all, when Instagram launched in 2010 we thought all niches of social media were plugged. However, a social media bomb was about to be dropped in Shanghai.

As humans we all have an average attention span of just eight seconds! To put that into perspective for goldfish it’s nine seconds. This was a concept that Chinese duo Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang wanted to play into when they originally founded Musical.ly, a short video lip syncing app. Fast forward to today and Musical.ly has been acquired by fellow countryman and founded of ByteDance, Zhang Yiming.

This would be the beginning of what we know as TikTok, short video clips with a focus on songs that would capture our attention straight away, keeping us entertained just long enough before the next stream of content is fed our way. And it looks like its working, in 2019 we spent a whole 68 billion hours on the app.

It didn’t take long for this new form of social media to catch on, having only launched in 2016 TikTok has overtaken social media giants Twitter and SnapChat with one billion monthly active users. With 25% of these users being between the ages of 10-19 and 22.4% between 20-29. Large mainstream businesses have identified TikTok as a primary source of reaching their target audience. Red Bull, Ryanair, Duo Lingo and the World Health Organisation are perfect examples of companies who have tapped into this powerful community.

TikTok has had huge, accelerated growth compared to its competitors and is pioneering the social media content of today. There’s no question that video content drives engagement across all social media and Tik Tok has managed to capture the world’s attention with its unique approach to content creation. We’re working with our clients to tap into the potential of this platform for their campaigns and look forward to setting our own trends in the coming weeks and months.

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