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Top tips for using social media for your business…

Team Calvin
28 Mar 2022

Here are Calvin’s top 10 tips for using social media for your business…
1. Create a Facebook page to promote your business, don’t use your personal profile
2. In case you’re ever locked out of your Facebook or LinkedIn profile, have more than one admin on your business page
3. Fully optimise your social media platforms, just like you would your website
4. Ask clients for reviews and share them across your social platforms
5. Check your social platform’s analytics – what are my best performing posts? When is my audience online?
6. Set aside 30 minutes a week to create a social media planner, then schedule your posts in advance through Facebook and Twitter’s in-house, free scheduling tool (April 2022: LinkedIn and Instagram currently don’t provide in-house scheduling tool – but watch this space!)
7. Best practice is to respond to all comments, reviews and direct messages, whether they are positive or negative
8. On Facebook, join local and sector specific Facebook groups and make use of them to share your business
9. #Hashtags – use them!
o Facebook – two/three #s at the end of each post
o Twitter – # relevant words throughout your post
o Instagram – add 30 relevant # to the end of your caption (create a bank of #s in advance)
o LinkedIn – two/three #s at the end of each post
10. Still in need of help? Get in touch!

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