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Why boost PR and marketing for your franchise brand?

06 May 2022

Marketing is a key factor which can boost the recruitment of franchisees to your network.

This takes many forms; social media, print editorial and advertising, blogs, videos, events and webinars, digital marketing, awards, as well as PR activity.

PR activity within the franchise sector is more than just promoting your brand; it puts you in front of people who are in the right position and mindset to buy a franchise. Being visible to ambitious entrepreneurs is key to transferring your marketing activity into leads.

You’re not just selling a product or a service, you’re selling a business opportunity, and an investment, and a lifestyle change. In some instances, you are selling a career too.

But you are not explicitly selling; avoid direct sales messages, instead highlight your company’s developments, innovations and successes, showing clearly how you are supporting your franchise network on their business journeys.

The more your brand is seen in the franchise sector, the more likely it is to be remembered. But you also need to demonstrate your good reputation and track record, something which can be boosted with the use of case studies and awards.

The franchise sector has a wealth of trusted media sources where those who are looking at investing in a franchise business ultimately end up. It is key that your brand is present on these platforms, print and digital, to showcase your brand and attract new franchisees.

At Calvin, we have a thorough understanding of the franchise sector and media. Our many franchise clients benefit from our strong relationships with media titles, not only generating great placements for press releases and editorial, but also from good media buying deals.

We work with our clients to create powerful case studies, documenting and individual’s experience with the franchise brand and how investing has changed their lives. We create engaging press releases and news pieces to keep a ripe audience updated on changes and innovations within the franchise company.

And, we also use our storytelling skills to get key messaging across to prospective franchisees; letting them know the ins and outs of the company through copy, videos, podcasts, social media content and more.

As well as ongoing activity, our experience in the sector means we have the knowledge to inform franchise PR and marketing plans on a larger scale.

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